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Current situation

At the beginning all you needed to mine bitcoins was a computer and an application.

Then the market has developed hardware making it much harder for the community to mine.

It has, in turn, instigated the community to start forming mining pools.

A mining pool allows its members to gain back the edge and start mining again.

New developement

Proof of Stake forging seems to be the future of mining.


A pool for Proof of Stake blockchains.


Find out why our product is so special.

Please download our whitepaper that has been written by the 3 co-founders and the governance researcher: Delia Hallberg, Andrea Balzini, Davide Luigi Borella and Dario Calderoni.



1st whitepaper & business plan


Company creation


Media announcement


ICO start


ICO end

2018 - Q4

1st platform release

2019 - Q1

2nd platform release (dPOS)


Blockchain: Real-world challenges

From the early days when internet networks started to replace and improve traditional communication and exchange channels, new technology breakthroughs have always captured the public’s attention, even at times when it wasn’t yet ready for mainstream consumption.

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Blockchain Developments — Hard Spoon

Today, open source is the foundation of many businesses. Every major technology starts with it.

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Cryptocurrency correlation

In the past year we saw how the instability of the crypto market can cause damage to uneducated buyers. We want to give a helping hand, and provide our users with a different approach when choosing how to deal with multiple assets.

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Ethereum’s Plasma, a different state of matter  

Scalability has become a mix between a mantra and an obsession. With the rising adoption of crypto-assets, early systems like Bitcoin are having issues scaling.

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The long and exciting road to our ICO

After a year of being together as a team, a successful private-sale, and an even more successful presale, we are ready to one of the most awaited events in our roadmap: our ICO.

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2018 is poised to be the best year for crypto and ICOs

After the correction in prices that has occured in the first half of 2018, a lot of people have been starting to hesitate about the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We have reassuring words for you, 2018 is posed to be the best year for crypto!

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