We have created a Pool for Proof of Stake blockchains.

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Current situation

At the beginning all you needed to mine bitcoins was a computer and an application.

Then the market has developed hardware making it much harder for the community to mine.

It has, in turn, instigated the community to start forming mining pools.

A mining pool allows its members to gain back the edge and start mining again.

New developement

Proof of Stake forging seems to be the future of mining.


A pool for Proof of Stake blockchains.


Find out why our product is so special.

Please download our whitepaper that has been written by the 3 co-founders and the governance researcher: Delia Hallberg, Andrea Balzini, Davide Luigi Borella and Dario Calderoni.



1st whitepaper & business plan


Company creation


Media announcement


ICO start


ICO end

2018 - Q3

1st platform release

2018 - Q4

2nd platform release (dPOS)


Are ICOs better than Venture Capital?

There is still a conservative wave of thought that is hesitant to embrace ICOs as the overtaker of Venture Capital (VCs) as the main way of fundraising for new businesses.

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Public Pre Sale! Daniil Morozov, new advisor on board!

We are happy to announce that we have a date for our public presale. Investors will now be able to buy the token of our innovative project at a discount price.

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Revisiting the on-chain governance vs. off-chain governance discussion

We saw that first generation blockchain projects are characterized by unspecified governance mechanisms. In second generation blockchains we saw a trend towards off-chain, specified governance structures in order to handle disagreements in a more efficient way.

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Finding a parallel between Blockchain and the early Internet

In the present times, Blockchain has become a widely adopted word. People are constantly mentioning the transformative and disruptive potential that this technology will bring.

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PoW vs PoS showdown: which is more centralized?

It is argued that one of the main benefits of Proof of Stake (PoS) over Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains is that the ones using PoS reach a higher degree of decentralization.

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A short history of blockchain governance or how to deal with unexpected conflict

Different stakeholders will inevitably pursue differing interests and so the question becomes: how do we mediate between these differing interests?

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