The first step is always the hardest

Today we had our project launch meeting. Good vibes, excellent team – we are ready to go!

Here a small preview of our whitepaper:
Pool of Stake (PSK) is a first of its kind, decentralized pool for Proof of Stake, the future of blockchain. Qtum, BOScoin, Tezos and other PoS coin holders can unite in the Pool of Stake and start Mining 2.0, generating daily forging rewards by simply staking their PoS coins. PSK is a fully decentralized, self-regulated and completely trustless pool. This is made possible by powerful use of Smart Contracts and globally distributed nodes. PSK makes Mining 2.0 more secure and more profitable for individual PoS coin holders. The main goal of PSK is to increase profits for small miners who unite in the Pool of Stake.For this purpose, an ERC-20 PSK utility token and an IOU token are used, ensuring that PSK members are always in full control of their staked coins. The PSK platform will provide
an analytics tool via a smart i.o. database that will allow PSK members to track, control and optimize their investments in a fully trustless way. In this white paper, we explain the implementation of PSK and its services. We elaborate the governance vision which will be developed in the coming months to ensure that the PSK community remains fair and agile. We then present detailed information relevant for the upcoming ICO starting 2 May 2018. We conclude the white paper with a review of our current accomplishments and an overview of projected milestones.