Pool of Stake developments in April

April has been a very exciting month for Pool of Stake. We are getting closer to our objective, which is to create and launch a pool for Proof of Stake blockchains. Since we know an active community is essential for our product to function and develop properly, we will update you with what has been happening on our side during April.

ICO postponed to 20/7/2018 — Fiat will be accepted

We have decided to accept fiat payments for our ICO. This will put us at a strategic advantage against other ICOs, since accepting fiat will lower the entry barrier for people that are not directly involved with cryptocurrencies. Fiat payments should facilitate reaching our hard cap once the ICO is launched. We have decided to postpone the ICO in order to fulfill all the due-diligence that accepting fiat payments entails. Our company is governed by the high standards of Swiss law, and we are working fast to have a fully compliant system to receive payments in EUR, USD, and CHF.

Ian Scarffe joins our board of advisors

We are happy to communicate that Ian Scarffe joined Pool of Stake as an advisor. Ian Scarffe is a leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and the crypto industry. He has consulted a wide range of multi-million dollar companies in the sphere, and his personal mission to help projects reach their full potential, will be of great benefit to the whole Pool of Stake community. Ian’s expertise will be an asset to the Pool of Stake ICO and our continued global expansion.

Qtum MVP launched