First Coin Community Vote

We are happy to announce that the first Coin Community Vote is taking place from 29 June 12:00 until 18 July 18:00 CEST. It is the first instance of internal governance in which the community decides Pool of Stake´s direction. You pick the next PoS project that will become part of Pool of Stake.

Pool of Stake is going to conduct regularly a Coin Community Vote. In the future, the vote is going to take place via our PSK platform that is yet to be constructed. The aim is that Pool of Stake stays community-driven and that users have the chance to voice their preference on which coins they want to be able to stake with Pool of Stake. Taking regularly decisions on the next step, instead of deciding at one single point of time the next 10 steps, gives Pool of Stake the possibility to stay agile to the unexpected changes of the crypto market.

So, how exactly does it work? From 21 June at 12:00 CEST you will find on a list of possible PoS coins that you can vote for. The list consists of projects that either make sense from the business perspective (e.g. relatively high degree of adoption, use of smart contracts..) or were brought forward to us by the community.

We have prepared for you an animation on how exactly the voting process works:

So, you simply transfer from your ethereum wallet 0,000001 eht to the wallet of the listed coin. Please keep in mind that a transaction needs min 21 000 gas in order to be proceeded.

Overview PoS projects

*this data has been retrieved from coinmarketcap on 25.06.2018
** this data has been retrieved from the various project’s websites and Pool of Stake does not carry any liability for the correctness of this data


Final Results

It is important to note that the PoS coin with the most transactions wins the voting round. Hence it does not make sense to transfer more ETH than necessary. For the first CCV only the one PoS project with the most votes is going to become part of the Pool of Stake.