Have you got any unused coins that are not paying you anything? Our pool will yield you a passive income!

Are you tired to run masternodes alone? Join our community!



At the beginning all you needed to mine bitcoins was a computer and an application.

It has, in turn, instigated the community to start forming mining pools.

Then the market has developed hardware making it much harder for the community to mine.

A mining pool allows its members to gain back the edge and start mining again.


Proof of Stake forging seems to be the future of mining.


A pool for Proof of Stake blockchains.

How much will I earn?

Estimated 24 hour revenue


Q1Which POS crypto (coin) are you referring to?

A1: You can find the cryptos for which we provide the stake service here:
Supported Currencies

Q2How can I start to stake with you?

A2: To start staking with PSK you have:
b. choose the POS coin you prefer (see Q2-A2 to have the complete list)
c. we strongly recommend activating the Telegram Bot for the notification about “deposit” “stake” “rewards received” “withdraw”

Q3How can I activate the Telegram Bot?

A3: To activate the Telegram Bot you have to:
b. click on your user’s avatar (in the right upper corner)
c. Select “My Profile”
d. Enter your Telegram nickname on “Telegram Nickname” and mark “Confirm by Telegram”

Q4How can I choose the staking way (a simple stake or masternode)?

A4: We choose at the beginning of the project to act as the Occam’s Razor, that’s to say that the easiest way is the better one. So PSK decides for you acting “at the best”, this means that we consider the coins you put in your wallet account as part of a masternode if there is at least one. If there are no masternode at all, your coins will be considered as part of the staking wallet.

Q5How do you calculate my reward?

A5: Rewards are calculated in this way, for example, there could be 1 MN of an ABC_coin that need 10000 coins to start, but the MN is already running:
– you send 1000 ABC_coins
– your “weight” 1000/11000, so you are 9.09% of the total amount that is necessary for that MN
– at the time of reward, you will receive the 9.09% of the total reward given to the Pool (minus the pool’s fees)

Q6Ok but I see that of ABC_coin there are 3 MNs, where are my coins?

A6: You are a part of the pool’s total amount. So considering the example in Q6-A6 you are in this situation:
– you have sent 1000 ABC_coins
– your “weigh” 1000/((10000×3)+1000), so you are the 3.22% of the total amount staking, BUT you will receive:
3.22*3 (that’s the number of MNs running).
In this way, with the PSK’ protocol, you receive a % anytime a MN receives a reward.
In the end, your passive income will be of 9.66%

Q7How much is the Pool's fees?

A7: The Pool’s fees are deducted directly and automatically from the rewards and are 15% of the due reward.

Q8Is it possible to reduce the fees?

A8: Yes, it is possible, it’s enough that you have some PSK (ERC20 of Pool of Stake) in an Ethereum
Wallet and you demonstrate that it’s your own. In these cases, you’ll receive a bonus that will be
from 1% to 10% on your rewards. To receive the maximum bonus (+10% on the rewards) you have
to hold the 200% value of your staking coins calculated in the equivalent of PSK (ERC20)

Q9Where can I buy the PSK token (ERC20)?

A9: You can find our exchanges here:


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